Custom Bags

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Q: How to customize bags from Admirecase ?
A: Admirecase provide two kinds of customize services
1st way is Full customization service, this requires buyers provide origianl design drawings or full sketches,send to our R&D department for checking
some details shown must be clear and accurate,we will keep you informed if any doubts from your designs to make further confirmation back;
2nd way is full replication but change to private logo, when buyers are viewing admirecase existing product, buyer could choose any reference to request make new one,
in other words,the orginal sample can be sent us from your country,making corresponding updates,including new logo,fabric,compartments,extra functions.

Q: How much will it cost for making my own bags from Admirecase?
A: Different price for different design. In our experience, US$7.0-US$30.0 is the range for making a different bag excluding trolley case
We believe it is really so low price to customize bags. DON’T hesitate to send out samples or drawings and you would get a price offered if we both agree

Q: How long will it take for making my personalized bags from Admirecase?
A: It depends on the difficulty of making bags and current order schedule, gernerally the samples can be completed in 7 wording days,besides there is around 3 days
from factory to your office by DHL,FedEx,Ups or TNT,relate to sample shipping, you can pay us together with sample charge,because we signed discount agreement with 4
International Express companies,Admirecase can get competitive freight cost,we are not sure you can,certainly you can request”Freight Collect”

Q: Doest Admirecase charge us again for the second sample if need adjustment?
A: It rest with how complicated the sample bags technologies are,most are free,once official order confirmed back,promised the sample charges can be returned

Q: What bags and trolley cases could be customized on Admirecase?
A: Admirecase accept any style designs provided by your own company.We DO NOT accept replicate designer brand,for example LV,Chanel,Dior,Chloe etc, any conduct as faking or misprinting the designated trademark or logo


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